Jennifer Maudru

Principal Wedding & Event Planner

Formal event planning has resonated with me since early childhood; 3 years old to be exact. In my household, I was privileged enough to be introduced to a theatrical world that included Beatrix Potter puppet shows, Madame Alexander teddy bear weddings, Pan Am airline dinner parties and Funky Glam fashion runways. Raised by a party-theme perfectionist mother, I was taught several key principles: 1) Presentation is Key 2) Be Detail-Oriented 3) The Ideal Party= Sleep Sacrifice and 4) ALWAYS have a Back-Up Plan. These events were never the typical "run of the mill" barbeque picnics at a nearby park. Instead, they involved months of preparation time. I learned to sew curtain backdrops, paint signs, write in calligraphy using old-fashioned ink quills, bake petit fours and pinwheel sandwiches, construct Tahitian bamboo huts, fairytale carriages and stage elaborate table displays. Needless to say, I honed in on my hostess skills and learned how to infuse future events with creativity, imagination and soul.

When it comes to themed socials, I don't hesitate to explore ALL possibilities; from staging 18th Century Teas with Marie Antoinette ball gowns to designing Bohemian Gypsy tents, a 1970's "Abba" fashion show, Great Gatsby cocktail hour, Antebellum Southern Garden party and Rustic CA wedding, I strive to recreate the moment and setting desired most by my clients. My art history and design background enables me to think outside traditional boundaries resulting in an intimate and highly memorable experience.

Currently, I am working towards earning my certification through Lovegevity. I have quickly discovered that the wedding industry is an environment I thrive upon; it's spontaneous, quick paced, unpredictable, and challenging...a chaotic whirlwind that I can't resist! I appreciate every facet of the planning and coordination process- from caterers, decorations and table arrangements to staged rehearsals, photography and entertainment. Perhaps my closest friends are correct when the jokingly refer to me as "Miss Tara O'Hara;" a southern hostess coordinating private events in the west!

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