Jessi Pettenuzzo

Wedding & Event Planner

As the oldest of six children, organizing and planning has been ingrained in Jessi since her very early days – being the “go-to” sibling to keep everyone entertained during summers off from school. Originally from a suburb of Chicago, she moved to California in search of warmer weather where she received a Bachelor's degree in accounting and psychology from the University of San Diego. While in school, she began a wedding planning internship and instantly knew this was what she wanted to do with her life and never looked back. From intimate weddings and parties, to virtual nonprofit events, to large corporate gatherings; from San Diego to San Francisco Bay Area and international destinations, she has done it all.

For Jessi, there is no better feeling than getting to bring people together. She believes the smallest of details are the most important, as those are the things that your guests will remember the most. She is never afraid of new ideas – she loves bringing personality, color and life into any space! Most importantly, she focuses on creating an environment for your guests to connect, grow relationships, celebrate and create memories together.

In her spare time, she loves baking treats for her friends and hosting dinner parties. She spends as much time outdoors as possible hiking, surfing, skiing, and doing yoga. She organizes and leads outdoor activities for Women Who Explore as a San Francisco and Lake Tahoe regional ambassador. Having been a dancer her entire life, she teaches a ballet-based fitness program called Sleek Technique. On a personal note, “Quality time or a handmade card are the greatest gifts anyone can ever give me. I laugh at just about anything. If you hear about a crazy new class, a tiny cafe in the middle of nowhere, or a special view from a specific rock, I will 100% say yes to joining the adventure!”

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