Marisa Manna Ferrell

Founder & CEO

Marisa Manna Ferrell is an event planning professional that pays tremendous attention to detail. Marisa has the training, experience, connections and natural ability to plan any type of event, large or small. Marisa is the proprietor/owner of So Eventful. So Eventful is a full service wedding & event planning company.

With more than 1000+ weddings & events under her belt, Marisa understands the traditions and protocols behind successful event planning. These include expertise in decorating, etiquette, product and service selection, ceremony and receptions, trends and traditions.

Marisa has worked hard to establish a sterling reputation for well organized, successful and beautiful events. She is known locally as a business owner who respects the other industry professionals with whom she works, treating them with courtesy and diplomacy. This helps her gain the extra cooperation and effort required to produce flawless events-which are always a result from a team effort.

As a professional wedding and event planner, Marisa has a great sense of fashion, color and design. She puts this talent to work for you, creating an event that is the perfect complement to your own style and desires. You'll enjoy creating with Marisa as you collaborate on colors, styles, fabrics, tastes, sounds, ambiance and more. Whether you want dramatic beauty or just elegant simplicity, she weaves the various elements together to create a work of art that says "you" on your special day. Being a young, successful event planner has many perks for her clients.

Get to know Marisa

Now that you've read the details of why I started So is a little insight about me:

My family & best friends call me "Ris" - I am one who parties like it's my job, and it is! My mother always told me, "Marisa, no man wants to marry a party girl". But I've found the one who did!

I am a party planning professional that pays tremendous attention to detail. I thrive on high-pressure situations. I think and act fast on my feet, perform unbelievably well under pressure and I do it all with dignity and class to keep my clients at ease. I have a real thirst for life and have a laid-back attitude.

I have two kids that I love having kitchen dance parties with. They are so much fun and I adore all their sweetness. A bottle of bubbly & fresh oysters makes me a very happy girl! I am a Starbucks Gold Card Member, need I say more? ...ADDICTED!

Cheers, Marisa

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