Samantha Paull

Event Operations Manager

Samantha has been planning memorable experiences for over 10 years. Her commitment to excellence and drive for success comes from her love of bringing joy to others, especially through events. She cherishes the opportunity to bring a vision to life and to share her creativity with others.

Samantha prides herself on being professional, organized, and confident in her preparations for each event to instill a sense of calm for those around her. This further ensures that she can tackle any challenge that may arise and maintain a flawless experience for her clients and their special guests.

In her current role as So Eventful’s Event Operations Manager, she exemplifies her dedication to the company’s reputation and continued growth, by supporting the increased volume of business, enhancing community presence, and fostering vendor and client relationships of mutual trust and respect. She also actively supports the continual development of professionalism and skill enhancement within our dedicated team of talented planners.

Keys to Samantha's success are: relationship building, attention to detail, excellent communication skills, creativity in event visioning and execution, the ability to thrive under pressure and above all else, and the importance she places on showing kindness to others.

When not planning events Samantha enjoys spending time with family, especially her husband and son, whom she adores. You might also find her baking dozens and dozens of cupcakes, brownies or other sweet treats, cooking up a new creation, crafting, reading a good book, or taking on a new DIY project.

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